Traffic Tickets / Municipal Court

Effective Resolution Of Traffic And Municipal Violations

Municipal charges are fairly common, but this does not mean that you should downplay their importance. If you face a charge involving an ordinance violation, noncompliance with regulations or even low-level criminal activity, then you should work with a lawyer who understands municipal charges.

Ricci & Fava Attorneys at Law has successfully resolved countless municipal court matters throughout New Jersey. We frequently handle issues that include but are not limited to:

Although municipal charges are not as severe as other criminal law issues, they can still have long-lasting penalties. Work with us to resolve your case as swiftly and as favorably as possible.

What Is The Municipal Court Process In New Jersey?

  1. If your charge does not require you to appear in court, then you have the option of simply paying the fine. Be advised, however, that this amounts to a guilty plea.
  2. At your court hearing, you can enter a plea or request an adjudication, which reschedules your hearing. In some instances, you may negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecutor.
  3. If you plead not guilty, the court will hold a trial and the judge will issue a verdict.
  4. If the judge finds you guilty, you have the right to file an appeal. If the judge denies your appeal or once again finds you guilty, you must accept the court’s sentence.

You do not have to attempt this complex process on your own. Ricci & Fava Attorneys at Law can explain your options and represent you in court.

Traffic Violations Can Have Serious Consequences

While some traffic matters may not seem as significant, there are very serious ramifications to pleading guilty to these charges. You may receive motor vehicle points, which could result in the suspension of your license. You may have to pay insurance surcharges or other surcharges. Some motor vehicle offenses can even result in jail time.

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