Protections during divorce

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While going through a divorce in New Jersey, there are ways that each party can protect the rights that they have in a legal manner. Many of the rights associated with the Bill of Rights are those that extend to divorce proceedings as each party is protected from issues like abuse or harassment. Neither party involved in the divorce should damage the property of the other. Hiding money is often considered a way of damaging property that might not always be reported but that is punishable by the court.

If children are involved, then they should not be taken to another state or even a different county in the same state if it’s not in the same jurisdiction as the divorce hearing. After the divorce has been completed, visitation orders can be granted that include where each parent can take the children. Children should not be hidden from the other party during the divorce proceedings. If this occurs, a divorce attorney can file an order with the court so that the child is brought back to the home of the rightful parent until the case goes to court.

Until bank accounts and credit cards are separated or canceled, each party should avoid spending money in joint accounts. If money is spent from the account, then it should be recorded and given to the attorney so that there is documentation of the amount and when the money was spent. Each party is protected from harassment by the other party during a divorce. If text messages, phone calls, or other types of messages are sent, they can be shown to the court during the divorce proceedings.

After making the decision to separate, a couple decides to meet with an attorney to discuss the schedule of child visitation and finances. The attorney can assist the couple by filing documents that list the days that each party has the child during the week. An attorney can also help with dissolving joint accounts so that each person is protected financially.