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  • $1,850,000

    Construction Accident – Fall – Brain Injury

  • $720,000

    Construction Accident – Lumbar Surgeries

  • $690,000

    Construction Accident – Lumbar Disc Surgery

  • $650,000

    Construction Accident  – Impalement

  • $580,000

    Negligence – Burns to Scalp at Hair Salon

  • $535,000

    Construction Accident – Fork Lift – Leg Fracture – Surgery

  • $535,000

    Slip-And-Fall Accident – Aggravated Herniated Disc – Surgery

  • $487,000

    Slip and Fall – Right Hand Nerve Damage – Surgery

  • $465,000

    Slip and Fall – Fractured Hip

  • $400,000

    Unsafe Workplace – Punctured Hand

  • $400,000

    Motor Vehicle Accident – Cervical Herniated Disc – Surgery

  • $400,000

    Whistle Blower Claim

  • $300,000

    Motor Vehicle Accident – Fractured Cheek Bone

  • $300,000

    Motor Vehicle Accident – Calcaneal Fracture

  • $300,000

    Slip and Fall in Apartment Complex – Post Concussion Syndrome

  • $280,000

    Slip and Fall on Ice – Shoulder Surgery

  • $275,000

    Slip and Fall on Ice – Shoulder Surgery

  • $275,000

    Construction Accident – Fractured Hip

  • $250,000

    Workers’ Compensation – Brain Injury

  • $250,000

    Workers’ Compensation Claim – Leg Injury

  • $250,000

    Motor Vehicle Accident – Aggravation of a Herniation

  • $250,000

    Motor Vehicle Accident – Aggravation of Knee Replacement Requiring Surgery

  • $250,000

    Construction Accident – Multiple Knee Surgeries – Policy Limits

  • $212,000

    Workers’ Compensation Case – Neck Surgery

  • $202,500

    Motor Vehicle Accident – Berlins Edema

  • $195,000

    Motor Vehicle Accident – Open Shoulder Surgery

  • $185,000

    Motor Vehicle Accident – Knee Surgery and Arthroscopic Back Surgery

  • $150,000

    Slip and Fall at Laundromat – Ankle Fracture

  • $140,000

    Slip and Fall – Fractured Hip

The choice of a lawyer is an important decision and should not be based solely upon advertisements. Past results afford no guarantee of future results. Every case is different and must be judged on its own merits. Co-counsel may be used or referral made depending upon the nature of injury and the jurisdiction.

Recent Notable Verdicts In Different Areas Of The Law


    New Jersey Department of Motor Vehicles, Trenton, NJ. Client was involved in a motor vehicle accident which caused a death to the other motorist involved in the accident. NJ DMV sought to revoke our client’s license for 850 days. After the hearing, the revocation was reduced to the minimum 45 days.


     Honorable Barry Moscovitz, Office of Administrative Law, Newark, NJ. The firm represented a West Milford teacher accused of smoking marijuana with a student. After getting the criminal case dismissed in the Passaic County Superior Court, we successfully defended charges by the State Board of Examiners seeking the revocation of the teacher’s teaching license. The Trial Judge after a trial found that the State’s witnesses were not credible and denied the revocation of the license without any suspension whatsoever. The Commissioner of Education sustained the Judge’s decision.


    Honorable Parcia Patel, J.M.C., Westfield Municipal Court. The firm successfully defended the Mayor of Linden, N.J. who was accused of assault by a councilman. After a two day trial, the mayor was found not guilty of the charge by the Court.


    Honorable Margaret Foti, P.J.S.C. Bergen County Superior Court. The firm successfully defended a 27 year old Defendant by obtaining not guilty verdicts on all counts of the Indictment which alleged Two Counts of 2nd degree sexual assault, Two Counts of Criminal Sexual Contact and One Count of criminal restraint. The State’s last offer was eight years with 85%.


    Arbitrator Gerard Restaino, NJTEACH. The law firm represented a tenured City of Orange Township school teacher who was fired for allegedly mistreating an autistic student. After the hearing, the arbitrator ordered the teacher reinstated to her position with full back pay. The decision was later affirmed by the Honorable Jeffrey Beachman, J.S.C.


    The Honorable Diana Ferriero, J.W.C., Bergen County Workers Compensation Court. The firm represented a Newark Police Officer who injured his neck and back in a work related accident. The City of Newark offered no money to settle the case because they felt the injuries were preexisting. After a trial, the client was awarded $190,890.00.


    Honorable Barbara J. Buono Stanton, J.S.C. Passaic County Superior Court. The firm successfully defended a Paterson School Teacher accused of three counts of official misconduct and three counts of aggravated sexual contact by obtaining not guilty verdict on all counts. The State’s last offer was five years with five years of parole ineligibility. Mr. Ricci later obtained over $300,000 in back pay for the teacher.


    Honorable Laurie Sanders, A.L.J., Office of Administrative Law, Newark Vicinage. The law firm represented a cook who was injured while working at Passaic Valley High school. She was no longer able to work so she filed an application with P.E.R.S. Pension seeking a disability retirement. The P.E.R.S. Board denied her application. This firm filed the appeal and after a hearing, the injured worker was awarded an accidental disability pension.


    Honorable Lisa Rose, J.S.C. Hudson County Superior Court. The law firm represented an electrician in a lawsuit versus the general contractor who severed a tendon in his right hand after slipping and falling on ice at a construction site. The Defendant offered zero dollars to settle the lawsuit. After a lengthy trial, the Jury awarded the Plaintiff $465,000.00 for his injuries.


  • Not Guilty – 2nd Degree Sexual Assault – Bergen County
  • Not Guilty – 2nd Degree Sexual Assault – Official Misconduct – Passaic County
  • Not Guilty Unlawful Possession of a Weapon – Somerset County
  • Not Guilty – Unlawful Possession of a Weapon – Passaic County
  • Not Guilty – Attempted Murder – Union County
  • Not Guilty – Kidnapping – Essex County
  • Not Guilty – Bank Robbery – United States District Court of New Jersey
  • Not Guilty – Drug Smuggling – United States Eastern District of New York
  • Not Guilty – Aggravated Assault – Passaic County
  • Not Guilty – Vandalism, Arson – Bergen County
  • Not Guilty – Stalking – Bergen County

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