Divorce can be a very difficult experience for some people in New Jersey. It can also affect other parts of their lives, including their employment. Losing a job will only compound the stress of this time, so it is important to take steps to protect it if possible.

Some people may want to mention the divorce to a supervisor to explain the lack of productivity although in some workplaces this might not be a good idea. The same is true of coworkers, who may respond well or who might take advantage of the situation in a particularly competitive atmosphere. People may want to turn to friends and family for support instead and consider taking a few days off if necessary. Building new routines can also help.

Some people take the opposite approach and become workaholics. They may think that it is good that they are working harder, but this is actually a harmful way of dealing with divorce. A healthier method would be for people to try to understand why the divorce happened and what their role in it is. They then need to work on forgiveness for both their spouse and themselves. This can take some time.

Making an effort to resolve the emotional elements of the divorce can help with the practical elements. Couples usually need to negotiate an agreement for property division and child custody with the assistance of their attorneys or go to litigation. Litigation can be expensive and time-consuming and puts the two individuals at odds with one another in an adversarial process. With negotiation, the individuals remain in control of the final agreement, and this could lead to a solution that suits both of them better. Negotiation may go better if people are able to put aside feelings of anger or other negative emotions.