Back injuries are complex and may be difficult to diagnose

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People in New Jersey who seek out medical assistance for back pain quickly realize that back pain can be extremely difficult to both get an accurate diagnosis for and treat properly. Back pain can come about as a result of everything from injuries to disease and age-related issues. Doctors or specialists treating a back injury will, at first, need to figure out how to diagnose it. Once they diagnose it, they can then figure out how best to treat it.

One key reason that back pain can be difficult to treat is that the same diagnosis for two different people may result in completely different sets of symptoms for each. Someone with lower back pain may be able to manage it with simple over-the-counter painkillers while someone else may need more invasive medical care.

There are many different parts of the body that can cause back pain. The spinal nerve that goes from the spinal canal to the legs may become painful due to injury or deterioration. The large muscles that hold up and support the spine can also cause intense pain if they’ve been compromised in any way. The fact that there are so many parts of the body that can cause issues may make it hard to pinpoint exactly what the issue is.

Another reason that it may be difficult to diagnose back pain is that it may be difficult for the brain to process that an injury is causing pain on one part of the body versus another. The pain associated with two different types of back issues may feel similar, making a precise diagnosis even more difficult.

Back pain issues can be extremely severe and debilitating, forcing people to miss out on activities like school and work. People who are seeking help with workers’ comp related to back injuries may do well with working with employment lawyers who have experience with the complexities surrounding workers’ comp issues.