Accidental Disability Pensions

Get The Disability Pension You Deserve

The accidental disability pension application process can be very difficult to go through without the assistance of a skilled, experienced attorney. Ricci & Fava Attorneys at Law has experienced attorneys who focus on accidental disability pension applications, hearings and appeals.

Accidental disability pensions are granted to public employees who experience a work-related traumatic event that results in total and permanent inability to perform their job duties. Ricci & Fava Attorneys at Law has assisted countless public employees obtain the disability pensions they deserve after suffering a serious work injury.

What Are The Criteria To Qualify?

Not everyone may receive an accidental disability pension. To qualify for the pension, you must meet certain criteria regarding your work injury and accident, including that your accident:

  • Is unidentifiable as to time and place
  • Is undersigned and unexpected
  • The disability is not the result of a preexisting condition
  • Must occur during the member’s regular and assigned duties, and not as the result of willful negligence
  • Results in mental or physical incapacity from performing one’s usual job duties

The attorneys at Ricci & Fava Attorneys at Law can determine whether you qualify for a disability pension. Then, we can walk you through the application or appeals process every step of the way. We understand that this process is daunting, but you do not have to face it alone.

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